Got one of these in May 2017. I have AT&T, so this is model LG-H871


Some nice things, and some weird things, but getting tired of all the junk Samsung keeps adding and wanted a phone that had the possiblity of being rooted.

Hidden menus

Some of the "traditional" hidden menus don't work. Remember to enter the following in the stock dialer, not an "aftermarket" dialer.

Engineer mode *#*#3646633#*#* - nothing happens

Camera info *#*#34971539#*#* - nothing happens

Service test *#*#197328640#*#* - nothing happens

Testing menu*#*#4636#*#*

Gives you a menu with "Testing" at top. 4 submenus:

Phone Information - starts to come up, and then a popup says "This application does not work on this device"

Battery Information - shows some stuff, including time since boot

Usage Statistics - shows statistics by application

WiFi Information - shows sub menu:

Wi-Fi API - shows some stuff, some does not work, apparently you can disable/enable/disconnect

Wi-Fi Config - shows some detailed stuff on the configured Wi-Fi networks, not very interesting

Wi-Fi Status - shows some stuff, SSID, RSSI, and you can run a ping test, the ping test does not work, the link speed is shown, that's nice

Hidden menu   *#546368#*871#    (note that 871 is the LG G6 model number) - 4 sub menus

Device test - shows SAAT - 5 sub menus - some of the tests are interesting

Service Menu - Auto Test

Service Menu - Manual test

Service Menu - AAT Version - shows software version

Service Menu - Optional Test

Service Menu - Test Result

ELT Test - a number of tests again

SVC Menu -

Turn off LDB (data gathering app from LG):

  1. Dial - *#546368#*871# (note that 871 is the LG G6 model number)
  2. Tap on SVC MENU
  3. Tap on LDB
  4. Uncheck "Enable"
  5. Restart and Enjoy



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