Jura Capresso superautomatic espresso

Some notes on my experiences with the Jura Capress Super Automatic Espress coffee makers.

I have a C1000, an S6 and a Z5.

I have found you can actually repair this inexpensively if you have good mechanical skills.


Disassemble C1000:

Remove front tray and hoppers

remove water tank

vacuum out beans

remove lid - 2 philips in the front inside the 2 lids, 2 oval on top back, top lifts up and off

remove both sides, one more oval at the bottom of each, slide/pull each side back first to clear the clips on the vertical edge near the front.

don't need to remove the back or front panels in most cases

remove grinder funnel, lift up, from grinder to brew group

now remove the brew group:

2 screws on the "brew group" side, one on the left and below the white gear










To buy:

grounds bucket

scraper on brew machine





I get my stuff from Parts Guru



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