GP7 QSI mount and install

Needed to find a way to mount the QSI and not interfere with the 3d printed speaker enclosure, and I wanted to have air circulation on the underside of the board.


I found some 1/2" standoffs, with 6-32 threads. I mounted them on the QSI:


OK, now I needed to put it in place, and after installing the speaker enclosure that mounts to the roof, the only place is between the rear weight and the next set of standoffs. So I made a small template to drill the holes, using a #22 drill (I made the template from the spacing of the holes in the QSI board, you can see the dimensions, it is 1/10" perf board.




 It just fits... to get to the underside, you can pull the sideframes away from the inner axle in the truck, here you see the 4 holes from underneath:


Clearly one hole is very close to the locating pin, don't worry if you hit the pin, it's really not needed.

Since the holes on the right are where the fuel tank will mount, you need to countersink them and use flathead screws ( I used a 1/4" drill to countersink, test fit and drill until they fit flush.


 OK, everything just fits:






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