Mercedes Hidden Menus

To enter the diagnostic mode in COMAND

(note you can see faults, nothing can be changed0


  1. Turn car on (1st notch ok)
  2. Select AUX input mode [press SYS button, select AUX from menu]
  3. Hold down Mute, 1, & 3 all together for about 7 or more seconds (sometimes up  10 sec)

SERVICE appears with the following menus (use rotary knob, press to select, back to go back)

  • Versions
  • Tuner
  • Diagnosis
  • Configuration

These 4 menus have sub menus:



shows versions of processors in headend...


shows hw and sw of fis


decoder version, ?


shows sw version




shows he and sw bersions and cdrom version


shows serials of stuff

D2B high connection

almost looks like data connections


shows sw version

Infos - interesting stuff

warmstart ??

battery voltage (must be aux batt)

TEL: audio not muted

GPS: number of satellites received

Direction: fwd or reverse (park shows forward)

Speed: in mph



turns on radio tuner, and exits diag mode



error list

SAE Code | Type | Cnt | State

B1761   0x0001  001  P

B1010 0x0000   005  P



resets COMAND system


D2B wakeup test

for this test ring must be open??


D2B Components

Pos   Actual  Config

000    1c8   1c8

001    108   108

002    190    190

003    0e0    0e0

off     000   000

off   000 000



TV -Tuner

Telephone full exp *

Star Guide OBUR  *

Star Guide DRG

analogous Sound

at bottom:

Cfg.: 22 4D 04  Radimpuls:  --



To enter AC diagnostic mode:

press "rest" for 5 seconds.

Scroll through the menu by pressing driver side "auto" I think 15 times and it indicates speed.




To start, the key must be removed from the ignition.
Insert the key and turn to position 1.
Immediately press and hold the trip odometer reset button until the instrument cluster beeps. There is no visual message, only an audio beep. Be patient, this takes around 40 seconds.
Press the lower menu button (it looks like two sheets of paper, the one with the writing in the background behind the blank one)
Press the up arrow button.
Press the "+" sign to disable the Traction System (turn "ON" test mode)
Start the engine, the traction system is now disabled.
To return to normal, remove the key and restart the engine. The traction control warning should no longer be in the cluster. If it is, shut the engine off and remove the key again. Then insert the key and turn to position 1. Note that the DYNO test screen is displayed immediately. Push the "-" button to enable the traction system (turn "OFF" test mode)

Note : When you first turn the key to position 1, ESP DYNO Test screen pops up, then after 1-2 seconds it may disappear while faults are displayed. If you weren't fast enough in pressing the "-" button before codes were displayed, just wait until all codes cycle by, then the ESP DYNO Test screen will reappear



Here's how. To start, turn the ignition key to the first accessory position, making sure the dash display shows the odometer. The SRS airbag light should be on. Press the trip odometer reset button three times rapidly before it goes off. If you do this right, a screen will appear showing a voltmeter. Then press the "up" arrow on the left side of the wheel twice to take you to the "ESP dynamometer test" screen. Using the plus (+) button on the right side of the wheel, select "on." And then start the car. Warnings will appear informing you that the ESP, ABS, and BAS (brake assist) aids are now turned off and you're on your own.

If you did it right, you've put the car in a mode intended for diagnostic testing on a rolling dynamometer—all electronic supervision is unplugged. Unhindered by techno-aids, the SLK's grip on the skidpad improved by 0.03 g compared with simply hitting the ESP switch on the dash. To return all the safety technology, scroll back to the dyno test screen and select "w/t. 15 off" with the minus (-) button. Shutting off all the electronic aids isn't easy, and that should tell you something. Owners are not generally privy to the dynamometer mode; therefore, we will continue to publish test numbers attained with the dashboard ESP switch turned off. We just thought you'd want to know.



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