R/C from G-Scale Graphics

Del Tapparo makes and sells a line of inexpensive, basic R/C systems that are easy to use, compact, and well made, besides his line of vinyl lettering / graphics business his company name belies.

One product line (pocket railboss) uses a 3 button key fob type transmitter and does a surprising amount with these 3 buttons, it comes in a basic and a plus model (the plus model gives you more outputs, the basic has 2 outputs, the plus has 4. The headlight and backup light if used take an output each, so if you run sound also, then you probably will want the plus, although you can use the basic and hardwire the head light.

The other product line uses a model aircraft style proportional transmitter (the big box with the "sticks". More range, ability to control 2 trains, etc. It likewise comes in a basic and plus version with the same options of outputs as the "pocket railboss".

I have not used any of this hardware myself, but have talked to people who have it, and also seen problem solving posts on various forums, and it's clear the problems are very few. Looking at the construction it's solid with quality components.

A good choice for someone that does not need all the bells and whistles, or a setup for a youngster.

Also attractive to people who would use the aircraft style transmitters with live steam, so they can run their sparkies with the same transmitter.


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