Been talked about forever, since about 2006, official product announcement in 2014, so 18 years in gestation, and 10 years after formal announcement !!! Becoming available in 2023 and 2024.

To their credit, apparently AML was very responsive to some reviewers of the prototypes. I did help give input, which was eventually addressed.

The motor blocks have steel worms, and nylon worm gears, nice large ball bearings

Power pickup is by wipers on the axles like USAT diesels


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First Release: (only from RLD Hobbies)

The first sold were actually from RLD Hobbies. Robby was smart enough to realize the endless delays to market were going to continue with the added delays to get the internal wiring to accept a decoder that is NOT standard, and NOT common in the USA. There were many excuses for the delay, but still a big delay.

Robby managed to order several road names that had NO electronics in them, period. No speaker, no lights, no circuit boards, just wires from the trucks for the motors and track pickup.

Colin Camarillo got one and I've got a page on his adventures.

Second Release: (first real production)

The second release has a socket apparently to accommodate an ESU Loksound 5 XL decoder, but they still have not been delivered with the decoder. My friends Ted and R.J. have gotten them, and there are a number of issues, most importantly there is NO documentation on the connections, NO screw terminals, and NO standard socket like the Aristo or the Bachman-enhanced version of the Aristo socket.

See also Ted's videos on the GP60: (this is a playlist of 3 videos)


 Some videos show a large green booklet that comes with the loco titled: "Assembly Instructions for the GP60". I did not get one, will have to see if I can get one and make good pdf's of the pages. Pages larger than letter are hard for people to scan. On the Accucraft site, similar books (in size and color) are $40 each! I think I will request one from the dealer and if that fails, from Accucraft.

In videos showing this book, there are apparently 5 pages, but NO wiring diagrams. Nuts!

Early releases show that the railings and other detail parts were not attached, coming in little bags. Mine were all attached, perhaps that is why no "assembly manual".

There are 2 mounting bosses inside to mount a smoke unit, but the location and spacing does not math the Aristo units I have. It might match ESU or Massoth.

The fuel tank is large and empty. No speaker grills. I'll probably put 2 speakers in it (more bass!)


 Motor blocks

These seem to be a takeoff of the USAT trucks, BUT there is no suspension, both axles are fixed in the motor block, which is directly connected to the chassis. (The usat motor block is suspended from axle tips in the sideframes, which then are connected to the chassis, thus independently springing them. Hopefully the loco is heavy enough to stay on track.

An added downside of this design, is that power pickup is only from internal whiskers on the axles, as opposed to the whiskers and power pickup from the axle tips in the sideframes on the USAT design.

The axles do have ball bearings, nice, and the motors appear to have airflow/cooling slots in them.

Back to back as delivered 1.571", not bad!


Blue white LEDS !!! UGH!!

Also in DC mode, all lights on, ditch lights always on, no flashing, and cab light always on.

number board lamps bleed into the cab proper


hoo boy! Personally, I'm displeased with the result. I understand how AML got here, but cannot agree. It's an unholy mess attempting you to never modify your loco or buy an ESU Locsound decoder.


Mods and improvements

there are some smart ways to protect your investment, and things to improve your loco

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