The Zimo Database

 There is a database in the command station. There are various cues in the system that tells you if a loco definition is stored locally or in the database in the MX10


Having 2 MX32 throttles, I don't want to have to update them individually.


As I learn how things work I will document here...


The M key will let you upload or download a loco definition... first time I've used that little button!


LoR = loco recall

a local memory for quick recall

limited to 30 objects

hitting the C key to remove an object does not delete them from the object database

locos in turquoise are part of a consist

third column shows FS for a loco under control by another cab. FA(x) is a consist under control of another cab., usually highlighted in yellow

T1, T2 in turqouise are consist in this cab

FT(x) in turquoise is an inactive oconsist in snother cab,


to pull stuff from the object database, E + 6, scroll and hit A to get it..


This is different from the Object database..



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