Customizing Images for MX32

You can add images to the MX32 that can be displayed with a loco number. The images are BMP files, and need to be presented along with a configuration file.

To begin you need to get an example file. This is on the Zimo firmware site, under 2014.11.20 date for the MX10/MX32 downloads, it's called


There are basically 2 BMP files per locomotive "ID", they are usually referred to as 01 and 02.

01 is 150 x 50

02 is 279 x 92

 I'm not going to give a course on image editing, but a few tips:

  • Start with a good picture of pretty high resolution
  • crop the left and right sides closely
  • make 2 copies to work with
  • resize them to 150 pixels and 279 pixels horizontally, maintaining aspect ratio.
  • now crop the vertical dimension to 50 and 92 respectively, centering the image
  • realize that this pictures are presented on a black background.
  • adding contrast and sharpening helps


Note that since these are presented on a black background you have 2 ways to go:

1. Follow the Zimo convention and make sure you have a black background. This makes the loco stand out nicely, but it does lose detail with black things near the edges, they "melt" into the black background. If you want to do this, you need to make sure the border/background is black, and you have to watch losing details if you do the "bucket fill". The pictures look best if you paint the black color as close to the loco as possible . For this, open the picture and make it large enough so you can see every single pixel. Follow with a brush tool (about the size of a pixel) around the locomotive. After "encircling" the loco like that, use the "bucket fill" tool to fill the rest of the background with black color.

2. Leave the background alone, normally white or a light color. The downside is the loco shows up in a white rectangle, but in my opinion, I see the details of the loco better.

Next you need to prepare the .zsc file that allows the picture upload. Start with the file you downloaded above. Open up the file with any text editor. Notepad or Wordpad work fine on Windows.

Basically the structure identifies a series of images, each one bounded by [Image] and [/Image]

Inside there are a number of information items. I have not determined the meaning of all of them, but the most important thing is the ID number.

3. Next you have to amend or create a new .zsc list that tells the MX32 what to do with those pictures. The easiest way to do this is to use an already existing copy. Go to the ZIMO update web page and download the loco picture file "". Unzip the file. You'll see a whole bunch of loco pictures in that file, which you may or may not want. What you want though is at the bottom of this file called "ZsLocoImg.ZSC". This is the file you need to amend or create from scratch. Open the file with Notepad (save it with a different name if needed).  This is what it looks like:

//  Fahrzeug Bilder                                          Vehicle pictures
Content=Image.Loco                                      You can
Version=03.02.0002                                        leave these lines
Date=2011.11.25                                            alone or better yet
Name=Mike 2                                                overwrite everything after the "=" with your own info.
//----------------------    Dampflok Klein              This is the title for the picture. All lines that start with // will not show on the MX32.
Id=0010                                                          This must be the same number as the file number below.
Name=Dampflok Klein                                     Her you can add a name for the engine.
Engine=S                                                         Engine type, in this case "S" for steam.
Autor=O.Zoffi                                                  Your name if you like
File=1|Loco 0010.01 Dampflok Klein.Bmp         Here you enter the file name for the small picture. Everything after "File=1|" must be exactly the same as shown on the picture.
File=2|Loco 0010.02 Dampflok Klein.Bmp        
Here the file name for the large picture. You can of course start with the number "Loco 0001.01" and "Loco 0001.02" but then make
[/Image]                                                          sure you change the picture to the same number!
//----------------------    Dampflok Gross             
This is the title for the next engine (picture). Continue exactly like above. What is important is that the lines "Id=" and "File=1|" and "File2|"
[Image]                                                           are different from above and match the new picture file names. If the names differ from the actual pictures, the MX32 will not be able to
display it.
Name=Dampflok Gross
File=1|Loco 0011.01 Dampflok Gross.Bmp
File=2|Loco 0011.02 Dampflok Gross.Bmp

If you don't want to use the pictures provided, delete them form the file and delete them also from the .zsc list. Keep the first engine on the list though so you can take these lines as a template. When your .zsc list is complete add it to the USB stick together with all the small and large loco pictures. Plug it into the MX32 and upload them to your cab.
There is also some information about this in the MX32 manual.

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