Improving the K27


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Cab Doors

The cab doors do not open a full 90°, rather about 60°.

This bothered me a little, as with doors open, I like them fully open.

I investigated the cause, and found the handrail across the outside of the window was impacting the front cab wall. I removed the handrail, drilled the hole through with a #60 drill and pin vise, while holding the back of the door through the open front side window.

A re-check showed it better but not prefect.

So, I trimmed the space between the handrail holes and window into narrow channels for the handrail to seat into with a sharp Xacto knife, once again while holding the back of the door through the open cab side windows.

Opens perfectly to 90° now and stays there.

Locking side to side motion on axles for controlling overhang

Eliminating excess side play  By Dave Goodson
Out of the box, the locomotive I have has about 11/16" side play at the pilot beam. This is to allow all 4 drivers to move 1/4" on their inner axles. It was a little too much for my tighter clearances, as a load could cause it to swing too far to the side, and cause a problem that the axles could not re-center with a load.

To fix this, I removed the #1 axle, took out the cranks and springs, and made some nylon washers to test. I installed the washers between the wheel and frame. Replace the cranks but not the springs. Now the locomotive has less than 1/4" play, but it still traverses LGB 16000 curves without problem.

Next, I did the #4 axle in the same manner. The K-27 still runs smoothly through LGB 16000 curves and switches (old ones, too), still has about 1/4" sideplay at the pilot beam, and the locomotive does not "rack over" to one side when backing a load.

This is a smaller diameter than the 8' diameter specified by the manufacturer as minimum.

For anyone with tighter clearances on their railroad, this could be helpful. Since this is a screwdriver modification, it's easy to remove the washers.

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