Firman generator / home transfer panel


Why is this under computer stuff? Because the most finicky items for a home generator seems to be the UPS units powering my critical computers.


Firman generator notes:

Bought from Costco, $200 off sale comes up every so often.

Tri fuel, which was perfect to connect my NG quick release hoses that normally power my patio heaters. When there is a power failure, the NG supply is normally not interrupted, where gas stations need electricity to pump gas, and most generators only run 6-8 hours on any significant load


Note: the manual says the engine needs 1200 cc of oil, and came with a quart (946) but that amount of oil overfilled it. So fill it carefully, then run and the check. I think there are some nooks that fill only after the engine runs. When you check the oil you do NOT screw the dipstick all the way in, but just press it to the threads. The manual tells you nothing, but the illustration clearly shows the dipstick NOT screwed in when checking. The Firman site confirms this also, there is a youtube.


There is a metal cord manager, meant to hold the adapter with the 110v twist lock with the quad outlet on the end. Cannot figure out where it goes, looks like it goes on the long side of the generator on the side opposite to the control panel, but to me, it was just another thing to vibrate and rattle during operation, so I left it off.

To that end, I peeled all the stupid instructional and warning labels from the tank, they just will go bad and collect dirt. Looks better too.




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