Homeseer 3

Being a loyal customer for years, I was eager to go to the next version that worked better. There was a lot of ballyhoo about it. I finally succumbed and what did I find? The dang thing has more bugs and my X10 controller interface was no longer supported, and it was about $200. Ouch!. Then I got a new interface and while it works on HS2, it did not work on HS3, and of course all the support people told me I was wrong.

OK, read the HomeSeer forums. Surprise, tons of people having the same problem. Well, sigh, I'm in it for the long haul, and slowly converting over to Z-Wave, but I have to figure this out. Stay tuned, the TI103 units did not work on HS3, but now I ordered one of the older, out of production CM11 units.

Also, the "conversion" of my fairly complex "program" for my lights, sprinklers, etc (I have about 50-60 devices) did not convert worth a damn from HS2 to HS3.



Weather Underground PWS KCACARLS78