DTV firmware versions


some notes on firmware versions, not necessarily documenting latest


So there is firmware in the Genie 2, Gemini, Genie Mini, and my Wireless Video Bridge.


There's a place where you can see the "traditional" firmware, which is the traditional standalone DTV boxes, and the Genie Mini (The Gemini is an Android device)


This needs some explanation, on the left is the models (notice that the -xxx is traditionally the manufacturers) but the column headers are the satellite transponders.


Here's an explanation from


The column headers are what satellite transponders (101°W) are carrying that software. You only need to look at Tp30, the others are for internal testing by DirecTV. The RedH displays show what software is up on the satellites at any point in time. If you are looking at it during daytime hours, it should be showing the current National Release Software.

That isn't always true, because RedH doesn't support showing two different software versions on different transponders at the same time. All Genie software available to customers, including CE testers, is on TPN 30. But targeted pushes to DirecTV internal test boxes pops up occasionally on one of the other transponders, and masks the software that is still on tpn 30.

National release software for older models and clients are sent out on one of the other three transponders. Each model is assigned to one of the four TPNs for normal software.


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