Revolution Transmitters

 Overview: (CRE57001)

I use the term transmitter because it is how most people describe the unit, but the Revolution system is really 2 way communication. There is a limited amount of information coming back from the decoder/receiver, but indeed it is 2 way.

This page is mostly on the transmitter/throttle. I will go into detailed descriptions on the receiver/decoder pages.

First units:

(note CRE57000 is part number for original set of CRE57001 Transmitter, CRE57002 Receiver and CRE57073 smoke control board)

The very first units had a plastic keyboard, and also a charging jack on the bottom. These units were mainly beta test units, given away, or sold at a deep discount. There are not many of these still out there as I understand.




Current units:

Rubberized keys and a collar on the "antenna" nub so the case does not split apart when dropped. (True)



Firmware versions:

(list versions, what is missing or fixed)


Updating / re-downloading firmware:

describe USB dongle, procedure

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