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RE: Aristo-Craft FA1/FB1 Sound Unit - Self contained in fuel tank.

Aristo-Craft had offered an optional FA1/FB1, diesel sound unit, ART-29350, although that part number seemed to be subsequently reused, or reissued in error, for a non powered GP40 motor block.

Aristo Sound Unit Box

Aristo Sound Unit

Aristo Sound Unit

Power connection appears to be via spring loaded contractors:

Example Aristo FA1 and Sound Unit

Aristo Sound Unit

Aristo Sound Unit

"The sound unit comes as a separate item. The circuitry and built-in speaker, come in a plastic casting ARISTO-CRAFT designed to resemble the F-unit's fuel tanks. Except for a three position on-off switch, a volume control, and the pre-drilled speaker holes, it is identical to the F-units' existing underbody detail. Installation is extremely simple: Unscrew the two small screws in the existing fuel tank casting and remove it, position the sound unit casting the same way making sure its electrical contacts touch a mating metal surface on the locomotive's underframe, and replace the two screws. If you want to install one or more external speakers, ARISTO-CRAFT provides hook-up wires. They also include a couple of additional mounting screws.

We had trouble anyway. The mounting screws stripped the plastic in their holes. We replaced them with larger screws.

When the on-off switch is in the center position, the unit emits no sound. When you slide the switch to the left (toward the cab), you hear diesel sounds, bell, and horn. When you slide it to the right (or rear), you hear the undulating rumble of an Alco diesel only. The very clear instructions explain how to add the external speakers. A 10 year old is capable of performing a perfect installation. "

Above excerpt from URL.

Based on looking through Aristo-Craft catalogs, Aristo's first digital sound unit, Part No. ART-29350, was apparently offered in 1993; however, in 1996 one that appears to have a different design with pig tail leads, Part No. ART-29339, appears to have been offered in 1996.
Aristo FA1/FB1 1996 version Digital Sound Unit

Hope this answers questions how Aristo offered sound in the FA1/FB1 units.


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