Portable NCE System


 I thought I would make a small portable system that could be easily transported, but would be "safe", no exposed connections, etc.


I started with the 2 amp PowerCab system, nice and compact. First it uses a small plate that takes the connection for the throttle, the power supply, and has the DCC track output:




So far so good, but the NCE system is only 2 amps and about 12 volts, both too low for G scale.

So, I found an inexpensive 5 amp booster that will take track level voltages as input and would work at G scale voltages. Enter the Tam Valley booster. I found a nice small box at Michaels too. I've used translucent boxes to help people see what is inside.



Using JST connectors for DCC input and output, and unplugging the power (old laptop power supply) lets the case close with no wires flopping around:



Finally, the whole system is shown (without the 2 power supplies):


Weather Underground PWS KCACARLS78