Phase 3: A Nice Double-Ended Switchyard

I have built a switchyard on the South side of the house.

The design is double-ended, and uses Aristo Wide Radius switches. The mainline is the far left hand track, and the far right hand with the curve is one yard lead. The yard lead on the near side can be seen in the last picture. 

The track to track spacing is 6.5", set by the spacing of the turnouts. Notice how this design ("diamond layout") eliminates S curves in the switchyard proper, so long cars can be handled. It yields longer body tracks than a pyramid. This yard is also double-ended, with two switching leads. The switching lead in the foreground is curved and somewhat limited in length.

I laid the track on the ground first just to do final alignments since it pretty much just fits. Instead of pulling it all up off the ground, I slid sections of 3/8" hardibacker under it. The larger sections are 3 x 4 foot.

Here I have begun the 2x4 grid to support the hardibacker. It is made from TimberTech, a very dense synthetic wood. It is almost twice as heavy as Trex, and is more resistant to absorbing moisture. There will be supports every foot underneath, since the hardibacker is not really strong.Image

Here is the yard as it is currently, still need to finish the 2x4 grid structure underneath. You can see the curved yard lead in the foreground.


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