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What this page is for is to document some of my learning experiences, and also put information that is hard or impossible to find in one place.

There are 3 sub pages:

Building a 240v charger - a level 2 charger for low cost

500e mods - some modifications

TomTom navigation system - on my 2013 and I think on the 2014 and 2015

Phone / sound / electronixs - some stuff I learned

Charging stations / membership costs - things I have learned -

Carpool lanes, other perks -

Fiat Access app - smartphone control

Blue & Me updating -


Some reviews:

Buying or leasing one, costs, rebates

I leased mine, basically because I'm still not comfortable with the prices of replacement batteries and I feel that electric cars are still very new to manufacturers.

I also leased mine because there was an incredible deal, besides the government rebate of $7,500 (which the dealer gives to you in reducing the vehicle cost), but there was also an $8,500 rebate incentive on the lease.

So, with a small down payment of $5,700, my $34,000 car is costing me $134 a month.

In addition, there is a California state rebate: of $2,500 you get yourself, all done online. It took 3-1/2 months to receive the check.

In addition, you get the white HOV lane stickers for $8, so you can drive solo in the HOV lanes.

Apparently in 2014 you can also get free FastPAss access on the toll roads, i.e. your car "qualifies" as 3 or more carpoolers. It appears that you need a "switchable" transponder, that indicates 3 or more people in the car. I have applied for this transponder, and am still investigating.

Also, another big savings is coming from SDG&E, where instead of the 4 tier system based on total monthly usage, you can switch to a program where you pay more or less depending on the time of day. If you have high energy usage already (I'm WAY into tier 4), then this can lower your costs apparently. I have applied for the change, will see what happens. Tier 1&2 are 1/5 of my energy costs, 16 and 18 cents... Tiers 3 & 4 are 80% of my energy use and are 36 and 38 cents in the summer. The SDGE TOU plan is 49 cents peak (noon to 6pm), off peak of 22 cents, and midnight to 5 am is super off peak of 16 cents. Should be pretty clear that if 80 percent of my usage is 38 cents, then managing the TOU wll should keep me in the 22 cent range.

In the Winter, the TOU plan is even better, 20 cents off peak, 21 cents on peak, and super off peak goes to 18 cents. I should save a bundle, although I need to put in the winter rates for not TOU.

Another perk is a discounted car rental program, I think through Enterprise,

A funny aside, Fiat and Chrysler Group boss Sergio Marchionne has made several public statements saying they lose 10-14k every time a 500e is sold and he wants to sell the bare minimum of them to meet the requirments. This is Chrysler Group's first all electric vehicle for public sale.

Other facts, the extra weight of the battery makes the ride less harsh than the gas versions, betters the front-rear weight distribution, and makes the car 10% more rigid (the battery frame).

Where to find help

I read the "manual" that is on a DVD, and actually copied it to a directory on my computer. There is also an app for smart phones that has some information.

The next place was to search for forums. I'm still evaluating them, but I have found 3, 2 smaller ones with not much activity, and a larger one, but seems to be a bit of politics on it, people upset because it's unfair to give rebates and subsidies on electric cars, weird... the jury is still out on this one, so no names for now.

New owner tips

It seems that if you are in the "menu" system that is accessed by the push button at the end of the right stalk, then the "other" menu system accessed by the dashboard menu button cannot be accessed. For example, the "stalk" menus allow you to see the motor power, trip "A" info, trip "B" info, and tire pressures... while viewing these screens, the other "menus" cannot be accessed, you need to return to the "stalk menu home" with the cute picture of the 500e first, and then the "dashboard menu system" will operate. Pretty dumb, but that is how it works.

link for checking if there are radio updates:  (does not work with FireFox, works with IE)


Information you need to record and keep

VIn (doh)
MDH (month day and hour manufactured) - on label on drivers door
connectivity ID - used for the app, get it from the menu on the main display
radio serial number and 4 digit theft code
key code/pin?
what is the electronic and mechanical code? on a blue plastic "credit card"

Remote control / "the app"

It works, but as of August 2014, the notifications do not work. I got a case number since early December 2014... but got nowhere. Finally a number of updates at their site fixed it. If you have issues, they tell you to reset your phone, etc. If you can log into the app, then you have no communications issues yourself and your phone is fine. The critical communications is between their server and the car.

Cool app, you can set your charging schedule, force a charge, honk the horn, lock or unlock the car, and do a "precondition" which turns the A/C on (as long as it was set to auto and the right temp already)

When the Fiat Access app does not work, it could be that the cell phone system (telematics) are not on. The cars are shipped with the telematics in "transport mode" which disables the cellular phone in the car, that might not have been turned off, so no communication.

Instructions for Service Tech:

  • Use the Witec service tool to write the TCU (VTM) transport mode to “Not Active”.
  • Can be found under: Main screen > VTM > Miscellaneous
  • Turn the key off/on and wait 2-5 minutes.


I researched level 2 chargers, level 1 units take forever.

Looked for something way cheaper than $1,000 plus $1,000 installation. Heck, the Fiat Level 2 charger is $2,500... ridiculous

Bosch- generally good ratings

EL-51245 Power Max 16 Amp (level 1), 12' Cord, (!!) - don't bother ~$560
EL-51253 Power Max 30 Amp (level 2) 18' Cord ~$750

Clipper creek lcs25P – 20 amp – mobile – need 30 amp rated

Siemens – 30 amp, big  weatherproof, has timer

Ev west

Electric Motor Werks - they have kits.

I built the JuiceBox, 30 amps, in a kit, you can ge 25' cable ~$350

The Clipper Creek line of home chargers, starting at about $600 and heading up. modifies Level 1 Chargers to become 2's... but they don't list our Fiat.

check for recalls:


silent locking

That damn beep! Some people report success with the following method. Note: the following did not work on my 2014, but apparently works for some, seems to be related to aftermarket alarms

you can lock the doors and set the alarm with silent.
while driver side door open, press lock button twice (you will see the car blinks four times) and shut the door.
you will get final and last blink on the car.

If you press the lock button too fast, car will honk so try multiple times if you get the honk.

I blelive after more research, this does not work with the stock alarm/system.

"Hidey Holes" under the rear floor

In the floor behind both front seats, where the rear passenger's feet would be are small hatches and under them (just pop them off) are small holee that would hold maybe 2 burritos each. No clue why  but speculation is that the battery shape caused these extra cavities.

Pedestrian warning noise

Believe it or not there is a speaker in the engine compartment to make noise up to 22 mph to warn pedestrians. I need to listen to the car, I have not noticed it from inside, but it apparently drives some people crazy, and some people have removed it. You could just unplug it, cover up the connectors. Front passenger side wheel whell, ahead of the windshield washer tank.

More stuff to add

Find a cool little GDO
tow hooks or places to tow


Tire pressure system TPMS

Most people report it is not accurate. I inflate the tires to the recommended 35 psi, and the system usually reports 33 psi. So mine reads low by 2 psi.

You should "calibrate" yours with an accurate gauge. It takes a bit of running to have the reading update. The reading also seems to not update fast if you add pressure, but updates fast if you lose pressure, so you might deflate them down a bit first and then reinflate if you have trouble with updates.

Auto park feature

Might be able to disable by disconnecting driver seat switch (but what about the seat belt?)

TomTom navigation system

The car comes with a TomTom "Blue & Me 2" navigation system. It is very integrated with the car, you can also dial the phone with it, it shows energy consumption on the car, etc.

You get a login to "MyDrive" to do updates. Recently it started bugging me that my map was old, and I went on the "MyDrive" site to see about updating it. Well, it offered a new map, but no real information except a date. Looking deeper, it showed a map version of 9.35 ... I went to my unit and got the info screen and it says: Map v935.5757 .... well that did not instill confidence.

I found the TomTom official forum: which appears to be in the UK... asked about how to know the version of the map, and I was told the latest version is 9.40. After some more pressing questions, since they never used the "MyDrive", I got a link to buy the map v9.40 but in pounds, and then finally I got the US link:

your tom tom



Click the links below to go "deeper" into details on indivudual rolling stock by manufacturer

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