Connectors for use in large scale trains

JST connectors

 JST connectors are pretty common, and are often used in the hobby. They lock together, carry reasonable current, and are relatively compact.

All Electronics,, they carry a lot of different connectors already wired. This is where you can find the JST connectors used by Aristo and USAT.




2 pin JST connector, used by Aristo and USAT -  All Electronics part number CON-240





3 pin "JST" style CON-340




4 pin JST style connector  CON-440




6 Pin JST style connector   CON-640





I found 8 pin JST's on ebay:




Aristo Craft connectors

These are used on some of the older locos on the motor blocks, like the Aristo FAs: CON-230P



Here is the matching socket: CON-230S







  Small 2 pin connector: SBC-1  Pins are spaced 2mm apart



Small 2 pin connector SBC-2 Pins spaced 2.5 mm apart.










CON-2410, Connector used by Jim Carter in some LGB conversions

All Electronics also has the matching headers, the site will typically show you the part numbers when you look up a connector.




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