Phase 2: continuing the outer loop and adding a long passing siding


Well, the track going West (North property line) was to be the future expansion, but thanks to R.J.,  I have the answer to getting the outer loop back to the ground that was evading me for 2 years! The section after this one shows the solution.

The track was already laid to go West out to the front yard, a nice long straight extending the main line.

While extending the main line to complete the outer loop, it occurred to me that I could use a passing siding on this long stretch of track on the North side of the property.

Of course, even though 10 years ago I had thought to ensure all structures were 12-14" away from the property line, and all large plants the same, the wiring and plumbing to the fountain gave me a clearance of only 10"!

So, it took 2 days for these conduits and water lines to be moved. Now I had 14", enough to give clearance for double track behind the fountain. This changed the length of the passing siding from 10 feet to 34 feet! Wahoo!.

The siding starts just about 6 foot West of the fireplace, where a planter starts: (looking west). This is before the base for the track was widened.

Below iis the same view looking West just after the siding was installed:
(The kinks were not worked out at that time, they are gone now!)

Below is a view of the same area, but from in front of the planter, looking a bit Eastward:

Looking to the West now as the track continues behind the fountain:

 Now, West of the Fountain, showing to the West end, where the track will curve back:

Here's the very west end, the loop is just mocked up. See the WR switch that will continue straight to the wall? I will eventually bore a hole for the track to head out to the front yard, which you can see in the distance. It will be used for a helper cutoff for now.

The picture below shows the very East end (nearest the front yard). The passing siding connects back to the main. The WR switch in the distance has a short spur which will be used for a helper cutoff. Eventually the track will go through the wall to the front yard, and connect to the end of the switchyard. Here you see the temporary supports for the track and loop.

Looking back from this end to the East, a long stretch (again an early picture, kinks are gone now):

I needed to not fill the entire planter with rock, but support the passing siding, so I added a stained board as a retaining wall for ballast and looks in front of the concrete blocks.






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