"Z" Tools

Working on Z scale:

This stuff is small. Work where things that go sproing can have some chance of being found! (not on carpet)

Work in a shallow pan, like a small cookie sheet. A buddy of mine uses a thin high contrast sheet of closed cell foam.

Rodney's Railroad Tools

Great stuff, takes a while to get after ordering, but worth it. Site is at: http://rodneysrailroadtools.x10.mx Rodney is a great guy too.

I recommend the 3-n-1 Tool:

Does 1" dual track spacing, can be used for holding alignment while soldering joiners.


I also recommend the curved/straight track parallel tool, very useful for making parallel curves:


I also highly recommend the 12" flex track staight alignment gauge. Your track will be arrow straight after using. It's also very helpful holding the ends of track straight when laying curves, like on an end module.


I also have ordered the wheel standards gauge, always a good idea.


I have not used his other tools, but everything I have seen so far is if he has a tool you could use, it's worth getting.


Scale Rules from Fassett Studios:

I recently ordered these. They are CNC machined from clear acrylic. http://myworld.ebay.com/tomfassett2/   (you will need to look at his items for sale from there) The plastic is thick enough to not bend when used for a straight edge, and the graduations are clear. Some people have commented that they would like to put black ink in the etching. I'd like to see this before I try it.Good prices and nice quality.



Simply indespensible. I use the 7x ones, gives me a focal distance of about 4.5". Do not buy the cheap imitations with plastic lenses, get the name brand Optivisor with the glass lenses. The plastic copies are not nearly as clear and the lenses scratch.


List of tools to bring to a "Z" construction party or a show:

Look at the module section on tools to bring to a show or party.

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