TE Revolution decoders/receivers


This page does cover the 1st generation, non-sound Revolution products.

There are 2 basic kinds of decoders/receivers.

The first is intended to go into the locomotive usually referred to as "onboard", has pins to plug into the Aristo socket, and is small. The current capability is good, 5 amps continuous, 8 peak.

The second type has "evolved" from the original "Train Engineer Trackside" unit, which was intended to power a layout. The product has evolved to a board much smaller than the original 27 MHz equipment. The first of these for the Revolution system were sold just as a board, no case, and were eventually renamed to "super receivers", and will be referred to as a "trackside" unit. Note that people have mounted these in boxcars and run several locomotives from it.

Also, realize that Crest has a long history, originally part of Aristo-Craft, then spun off as a separate company, but still owned by the Polk family. Later when Aristo-Craft went out of business, Crest Electronics existed for some time, still owned by Lewis Polk. Finally it was apparently sold to "JK" who is one of (or the) original designer(s). Interesting Navin S. has been with the company all along, and they are luck to have him.

Be sure to go to www.revoelectronics.com and create a login and then you can download all the manuals. You cannot download the manuals without a login.


Onboard units:

The original units were motor and lights only.

Later Crest made them available with sound, first diesel, then later steam



Original non-sound units

 Original unit below:




Newer Sound units:




Trackside / "Super" receivers

57005 - Original Trackside receiver

100 1519


This unit had the terminal strip screws removed to allow wires to be soldered to it directly by the user.

This is the original run, no case, no sound. They were originally called "Trackside" since they were intended to power the tracks like the original 27 MHz trackside units.

Strange they were never in a case.


57005S - Trackside /  with sound (PWC/PWM)

Below is the original Super Receiver, note no mounting bosses for the fan. Shows the Crest logo

super Receiver with sound 2

Below is a picture of the 2017 model PWC (PWM) super receiver

15 amps (with fan on)

Notice the nubs on the case for mounting a fan


57005S pwc base 2

57005S - Trackside with sound (Linear output)

And below is the new 2017 Linear super receiver:

10 amps

notice the fan mounting nubs

57007S linear base 2



Note that there are 3 output terminals on both super receivers. The center terminal is not used, and is for some future expansion, as of yet unannounced.


You will also note that there is no external fuse, it is now internal, and the overcurrent circuitry has been beefed up, so the external fuse is not needed.

The inputs are polarity sensitive as before, and never connect power to the outputs.



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