QSI Titan programming tips


F9 by default should control output 11. I tried interrogating CV 43 to validate that, but the CV64 "talkback" just says "CV43" ... looking at page 63 of the big manual, in red it shows that these CV's are now "hardwired" , such that F0-F28 are "locked" to outputs.

In particular, F9 is locked to output 11.

When I interrogated output 11 (cv 53.11.1), it had 0 in it... I set it to 145 and your disconnect, standby, total shutdown sequence now works from F9.

Luckily, F6 was still set to the 144 feature, startup.

I believe this was changed because too many people accidentally hit the F9 and the loco would not move (as it should) because it was in disconnect.

Consisting and sounds

I've always had issues with controlling sounds when in a consist.

First, I need to see what's in the NCE system that may affect it.

Also, I need to know what is the normal practice per nmra.




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