Cat-proofing your house


The first step is providing the opportunity for kitty to do the things he wants to do naturally, hunt, scratch, investigate.

So, good toys, scratching posts, places to play and hunt need to be provided first.

After that, you want to discourage or block damage or danger to kitty.

Stopping scratching

Again, have lots of scratching posts available, especially near the furniture they would scratch. Give your cat a more desirable alternative to your couch.

See the section on Scratching Posts & Trees


Cats will scratch on stairs if they are carpeted, so put plastic on 2 stairs to stop them, Sticky Paws usually works, a double-sided sticky tape.

I'll experiment and see how many stairs need to be treated, but I guess at least 2.

I'll try sheets of sticky paws first, or the scat mat.


 You can use sticky tape, but the ScatMat is much more effective.


Most cords should be protected. You can get a plastic tubing to encase wires, called "split loom" You can find it at car parts or electronics stores.  comes in all sizes and colors. You can put it on, take it off, add or remove wires without unplugging anything.


Controlling climbing on furniture, counters

There are battery-operating plastic sheets that emit a light shock. I will try ScatMat, comes in various sizes, is battery operated, and has 3 different intensity levels.

Comes in various sizes: 12x60, 48 x 20, 46 x 3, 30 x 16,

  • Strip / Extra small 46 x 3 inches $40  SKM-C441                                       63657
  • Medium / Small 30 x 16 inches $45 SKM-C411   ** extension available   63658
  • Large / Medium: 48 x 20 inches $50 SKM-C411  ** extension available   63659
  • Sofa / Large: 60 x 12 inches $50 SKM-C472                                            63660
  • Curved / medium curved 12 x 50 $80 - PDT00-13638

there are extensions also:

  •  Medium: 30 x 16 inches -                                                                     $30  63663
  • Large:48 x 20 inches -                                                                          $30  63664


Keeping out of mischief / limiting access

Cats can open cabinet doors, and they will get into small places. Block those places off.

cord protectors, don't leave cords long and attractive

Physical barriers

We need a expandable barrier in 2 places, the upstairs master bath (keeps kitty out of the bedroom) and the downstairs kitchen and family room (keeps kitty out of the rest of the house 


Cabinets / doors:

If it gets to be a problem, get the "child locks" they can open cabinet doors



Sticky tape - cats hate sticky stuff on their paws, this is double-sided removeable tape, name brand Sticky Paws, by Pioneer Pets.

There's the tape below, thinner, longer strips for the front edges of couches, and large squares, a coupler will do a whole stair tread.


Air spray

Ssscat - a motion sensing air spray,

We bought two of these from RadioFence, and great prices on the refills if you buy 4:

The "head" has the air nozzle, and you see the slot above and below it, it can be in one of 3 positions. Also the motion sensor, the little D shaped window below can be in one of 5 positions in respect to the nozzle, although that does not seem to be very useful.

It blasts a jet of air, and the plume is visible so it should have good effect.

When putting the top on the can, there are a bunch of little fingers that clip around the can's rim. Sometimes it clips in place and then you slide the locking collar down, this is how the instructions read.

But I have found that many times you hold the head down on the can, and then WHILE HOLDING, you slide the locking collar.


Natural Repellents

Citrus cleaners, lemongrass, lavender and coleus. Need to check these out.


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