Zimo firmware notes


I intend this to be a place where the latest release notes on the firmware, and deviations, observations, and comments are incorporated in RED. This way I can be sure to explore te new features, check the problems fixed, and validate any bugs.

Both the MX10 and the MX32 are on this page separately, since there are some differences in the update procedures between the two. The MX32 is first since most of the functionality is there, and this is where the majority of the functions are accessed.

While some of this might be construed as negative, rememer that this is basically the most expensive DCC system made, and as such, is subject to a higher standard of quality and performance.

MX32 follows immediately.

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MX32 firmware updates:

My first updates were to version 15 or something, and the translators at Zimo seem to have confused the meaning of A and E.... normally A is execute, and E is our "escape" but during firmware updates, A says cancel, and E says accept...  so be careful with older updates.

The new versions have all the files in a *.zsb file, but normally this is compressed into a zip file. Extract the *.zsb file and copy it to the memory stick

"Standard" MX32 updating procedure:

  • Have cab plugged in and on (booted up), screen does not matter
  • Plug in the memory stick, a window will pop up with some info on the stick.
  • Press A for file list (stick content), E to quit (ESCape) (escaping will reboot the MX32)
  • The file list will show individual components, it is recommended to do the "Automatic" update, not all the separate stuff
  • Normally the first item listed is the "Automatic" or full update. Sometimes a second item is listed as "symbols and icons", these are included in the "full" update and you do not need to load them separately. (There are certain cases where this is useful but not usually).
  • (I have not found out how to mark multiple items, there is a menu selection to load all marked items)
  • A is accept as always ...  it will check the file a bit, tell you the version it found and warn you not to pull the power or usb stick,

The full update should prompt you to remove the stick, the function/symbols will not, so maybe it is meant to do those first and then the full/automatic update.


1.21.0500 - WORKS!

Released in October 2017, fixes the instability and crashing problems of the previous release. As in the previous release, wireless speed is improved, and booting is faster. the consisting procedure is changed. See my separate page on consisting by clicking HERE.

Still checking this release out.

Bugs so far:

  1. registering a loco in a consist often requires you to perform this twice, and it seems that sometimes a loco falls out of a consist.
  2. The yellow triangles that used to show the relative direction of a loco in a consist no longer show which locos are reversed, and it seems some other erratic displays.
  3. The new popup when pressing TP on a loco already in a consist is in garbage characters, neither German nor English, adds to the confusion.
  4. Manual states it is irrelevant of which loco address is used to control the consist, but that is wrong, only the loco address used will receive function commands, i.e. ONLY that loco will receive bell, horn, etc.
  5. MX32 manual still states that TP button is held down until the triangle flashes to change direction. To change direction, you must make the consist first, then go to that loco after it is in the consist, hit TP and then you get a new popup window (you cannot read) to reverse the direction of the loco.
  6. LAN settings (Ethernet on back), there should be a setting for the IP address, but there are settings different from the manual:
    1. Zimo Binary
    2. Zimo Ascii
    3. Zimo ZSP

    So, need to know what settings to use with Z21 phone app. Also there should be an IP address setting, but the only settings are mask and DHCP, so no way to set static.

1.21.0015 - Works but unstable

Note: this release is bundled with 1.21.0010 MX10 version. This version is very buggy and the MX32 locks up often. Don't switch screens a lot, don't try any of the US outline locomotive pictures, and if you pick a different speedo, the US speedo with the white background and black letters is fairly stable.

If you are running your system all the time, or have people over to run, DON'T use this version, go back to 1.20.0150 ...

But it has the newer features, and if you don't mind rebooting often, it's the best so far.

Sample of locked up screen:

screen fail

When it works looks nice, but every time I used the US F7 picture it crashed, so my F units look like this:

no us locos



Apparently this version was fraught with many issues, and an update was released in very short order.


I had my layout inoperative due to work around the home. I did not install this version, but nothing but issues from all reports.


Trying now, as usual the Automatic update wiped out the fonts, so you have 2 issues, the first is that most of the characters are the dreaded "Tiny Font" and characters missing from a lot of screens. The issue is that without the proper fonts loaded, the system either defaults to the built in tiny font (80 characters per line) or you see nothing, because the font is missing. Of course the ACCEPT (A) and the ESCAPE (E) are missing from all screens, so you have to remember where they are...

New behavior: font install goes into infinite loop, USB led blinks, and install seems to go right, then most of the screen blanks and only "LOADING FONTS" shows, and finally that disappears. And you have 3 horizontal lines on the screen and the USB LED blinks. When this happens, your cab is hung... .unplug rom power and mess with the buttons, eventually it reboots. I don't know if it is a watchdog timeout or hitting the buttons. This does indeed suck.


Some things fixed. Boots to wireless, wireless response better, Finally fixed enough that you can use it, still a number of bugs where the leds do not update on the throttle, slow response, screens often do not update.


Oh my God! Unbelievable problems, wireless will not boot at all, you can boot in wired mode and remove the cable, but response is sometimes ok, sometimes delayed by several seconds or does not happen at all, really not useable in wireless mode.

Worse, the arcane accessory decoder control is broken, it becomes impossible to enter subaddress "0" so decoder addresses 1, 5, 9, 13, etc. are IMPOSSIBLE to use. I could not run my trains at all, since I have all electric/pneumatic switch motors that cannot be locally overridden.


There is a single .zsb file in the zip file.

Just put the zip file in the root directory of the memory stick, do not extract it.

I had trouble reverting to this version from a newer version. I noticed that the "full/automatic" update did not work on one unit, screens would come up missing 50% of the characters.

Re-installing the full update did nothing, but "succeeded", in that I got the "remove the USB stick" message (in German) at the end of the update.

I decided to do the "symbol/font" update, which is SUPPOSED to be included in the full update. On the "failing" cab, this terminated back at the initial "select the update" screen... which I thought was strange... doing it again eventually yielded the "remove the USB stick swinehund!" message in German, and after that terminated the cab was properly updated.

So what is learned is that the "full" update is not always "full" irrespective of successful termination messages, and if you do any update and do NOT get the successful termination (remove the USB stick), then you keep doing it.

MX10 updates:

My first updates were to version 15 or something, and the translators at Zimo seem to have confused the meaning of A and E.... normally A is execute, and E is our "escape" but during firmware updates, A says cancel, and E says accept...  so be careful with older updates.


"Standard" MX10 updating procedure:

The new versions have all the files in a *.zsb file, but normally this is compressed into a zip file.

The standard states that you just leave the zip file in the root directory. This does not always work. If you get the: " "Zimo keine file gefunden" message (Zimo file not found), then extract the *.zsb file and copy it to the memory stick


1.21.0500 - 2017.10.13


1.21.0015 - fixed version of the above - 2017.07.26

Installed. The zip file would not be recognized, had to do extract the ZSB file

Insert stick, it prompts to update... select to update... updated, but it says remove power and stick and wait a minute. After applying power again, certain menu items were just a couple of letters liie "se", a whole bunch of them. Do the update again and it came back in english and the menus looked right.

Note: the 1.21.0015 zip file has 1.21.0015 for the MX32, but the MX10 version is 1.21.0012

1.21.0001 - this was released sometime in July 2017 I believe

Luckily I did not install this version, just by chance, since apparently it had some problems.

1.20.0150 - 2017.02.24

Fixed a few things, worked ok, but still missing some features I wanted. My significant update is that I finally got my throttle that always had problems and was "repaired" once, has been replaced, and now it updates and works fine... since it is brand new!

1.20.0100 - 2016.12.23

 The new SW version 1.20.0100 (like all versions as of 1.18.0052) is available as a common container file for MX10 and MX32 / FU and can be used directly for all devices that already have a SW version as of 1.16.xx (Deliveries from April 2015 onwards). The update must be installed in all consoles and in the MX10 (therefore all devices (MX10, MX32, MX32FU) in a system must have the same software).
The update does NOT include the firmware for the MX32 Rev. 5 (first sold revision of the MX32).

>>> I installed it 2016.12.24

The system would not read the zip file, i.e. it found the file but it gave the error message: "Zimo keine file  gefunden: (Zimo file not found)

OK, extracted the single zsb file and just put that on the memory stick.

First time the MX10 said it was searching the zsb file, but sat there forever. Pulled it out, shut down the MX10, restarted it, and this time it found it. I picked what looked like the automatic update and it completed. This time it did tell me to turn off the system, pull out the memory stick and wait 1 minute.

The MX32FU's recognized the file right away, and based on my somewhat disastrous experience before, I installed the symbol/font file first... it completed and came back the the main menu and then I did the automatic update (which is the rest of the firmware), that completed fine.

No real testing yet, but no missing fonts or symbols, wireless response seemed to be what it used to be, and the switch controls did not flash like a bad LSD trip.

1.20.0001 - 2016.10.28

Again, all that is needed is the zip file in the root directory of the memory stick, do not extract it. There is a single .zsb file in the zip file that is needed is the zip file


New with this update, it tells you to turn the unit off, take out the USB and wait 5 minutes.

After the update, I always have to set the language back to English, see above. I understand this is in the list to be done.

1.19.0200 -

All that is needed is the zip file in the root directory of the memory stick, do not extract it. There is a single .zsb file in the zip file

Make sure the MX10 is in normal operating mode, screen is blue. Insert the memory stick and then it will ask you to update all... press the rotary button, then it will check the file and then sit there until you hit the button again.

It will tell you the update is complete, and that pulling out the usb will restart the system, do so.

You normally have to set the language back to English.


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