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 Just got a 2017 in July.

Still figuring stuff out.



ok, at the moment cannot seem to delete the one playlist showing, and cannot create a new one and cannot read one from the USB drive. Just found a document that mentions playlists and it might be that only works from an iPod... damn...


OK, some more clarification, playlists are a list of music to play (play-list)...

and M3U file is not a music file, so you need to see if your player supports playlists.

Here's the first few lines of an .M3U playlist file:

T\Tangerine Dream\The Best of Tangerine Dream, The Blue Years\1-05 21st Century common man (part 2).mp3
L\Led Zeppelin\Misc\Led Zepplin - Black Dog.mp3
G\Green Day\21st Century Breakdown\21 Guns.mp3
T\Tangerine Dream\220 Volt Live\Tangerine Dream - 220 Volt Live - 08 - Hamlet.mp3

There are kind of 3 formats... the ones I know of are .M3U, and .WPL (Windows Play List), .FPL and one called .M3U8... of these I have been focusing on the .M3U, which seems to be popular. I have gotten my car to recognize these, but weird results, sometimes I would get the right playlist name but empty, sometimes they did not show.

Today, I completed an experiment that bore fruit, because sometimes I did get a functioning playlist. I found that it would read a "new" memory stick, but not always re-read one that had been updated. After isolating new files, different file dates, and reformatting the memory stick, looks like I hit on the solution.

My theory was I was somehow not getting the car to re-read the stick.

So I changed file dates, no change, old playlists stayed, new ones did not read.

I changed names of the playlists, same result

Formatted the memory stick and reloaded the files...


I noticed the "quick format" option was default on in Windoze

Did the "full format", takes a long time... and bingo all my playlists showed up and the old ones went away.

So, I'll post this on my site. I will experiment with how big the playlist can be, i.e. the number of songs... I have about 4,000 mp3 files on the stick, and I have about 4 operational playlists.

I'll explore the limits and post results. There's also some things you have to remember when making a playlist on a removable memory stick and not all programs will work on removable media.

Also, seems that if you "delete" a playlist, i.e. no longer on the "new" memory stick, it will still stay there, but show as empty. Have to experiment with 2 memory sticks.

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